10 March 2008

Lots to do

We're moving again. We've been here less than 2 years and we are moving again, this time to Alabama. I'm glad though, because 1) I'm not crazy about northern VA and 2) this will hopefully be our last move (unless we get to go overseas again.) I'm also nervous about 1) our youngest child's reaction (she's a freshman in high school) and 2) selling this house in the current market. So instead of facing it and doing something to start getting organized, I made these potholders.

I told myself I was reducing my scrap pile and making the kitchen look better. I can justify anything.


Lazy Gal Tonya said...

ooh, that would be hard to move as a freshman in high school. And the houseing market? Eek, lots of thing to not think about there! Lots of wonderful sun in Alabama though!

Cat said...

Good justification. You sound like me. My handwork is really just therapy!

Best wishes with all the future holds with the sale and move and etc.

kathi said...

Thanks for the comments Tonya and Cat. At least I won't have to leave all my new blogging friends behind!