30 January 2009

Just do it already!

Here is what I made yesterday: a new cover for my ironing board. The old one got lost in the move--I don't know how your stuff gets loaded onto a truck at your old house and when the truck gets to your new house, some of the stuff is gone! I mean, why not take the whole ironing board if you're going to steal my stuff, not just the cover! I digress, anyway, I have been going round and round with myself for the last 5 months, since the naked ironing board arrived, whether to make or buy a new one. There are all these great tutorials out there, like this one and this one. I don't know why it took me so long; I just needed to decide to do it. So I did...yesterday...finally...and I love it. In the end, I read the tutorials and then did my own thing. The bright fabric is from Ikea in Heidelberg, Germany--I had used it for my daughter's room when we lived there years ago and I was about to give it away. I'm so glad I didn't because it's a nice reminder of the years we spent there, and I didn't spend a dime to make it. Yay!


Thimbleanna said...

They took your ironing board cover? That's a new one -- I've heard of movers taking lots of things...but an ironing board cover??? Your new one is very pretty though, so maybe there was a silver lining???

Neville Simpson said...

Nice... looks way better than the old sheet I have over my ironing board... in fact it looks better than my original ironing board cover... let us continue to live the NIKE LIVE - Just do it!!!


Kellie said...

I never thought "pretty" would be a word I'd use to describe and ironing board cover LOL! But you managed to make me do it! Thanks for the links, I may just have to make my own pretty ironing board cover sometime! Looking forward to seeing your Toy Society project!